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Seattle Medical Marijuana Dispensary on Rainier

Your Local Seattle Dispensary you can depend on.

We are Seattle Dispensary looking to help our patients improve the quality of thier lives by providing high quality medical marijuana at fair prices with minimal hassle. We have some of Seattle's Best Medical Marijuana easily accessable right here on Rainier Ave right off the freeway. Get your medicine in a safe, clean facility.

We have a comfortable waiting area and are very quick about getting you in and out to get on with your day, we know you have more important things to be doing than waiting around for medicine.

To help that philosophy succeed we encourage you to pre-order to save yourself time! 425-829-8502

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About Us!

Delightful Caregivers Seattle is a not-for-profit network of medical marijuana patients. Our purpose is to provide a safe and warm hearted resource for qualified medical marijuana patients in Washington State under RCW 69.51. Delightful Caregivers Seattle operates under strict compliance with the spirit of the law.

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4421 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA 98118
(425) 829-8502

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